Which Brands Are Likely To Stand Out at Super Bowl 50

Which Brands Are Likely To Stand Out at Super Bowl 50?

Which Brands Are Likely To Stand Out at Super Bowl 50?

February 7th 2016 will see two of the NFL’s finest teams fight it out in the field for sporting supremacy in what is heralded as one of the most viewed sporting events in the world. However, savvy marketers know that the real battle is not fought on the field but through the Super Bowl ads.

This is due to the fact that the event is now much more than just the conclusion of sporting series, it is perhaps the superlative advertising arena. This is demonstrated by the number of globally leading brands are set to spend in excess of $5 million in order to gain an advertising spot for the game. All of which is a bid to gain the attention and custom of one of the world’s greatest and biggest advertisement audiences.

But which brands look set to be the major players and to cause the biggest splashes with their advertisement efforts for Super Bowl 50?

Amazon: This year marks the brand’s pilot Super Bowl outing. The tech company have chosen leading stars, Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino to feature in a series of dedicated teaser, video advertisements centred on the Super Bowl. This selection has resulted in the brand adopting the hashtag, #BaldwinBowl, for the event.

Bud Light: The beverage brand is no newcomer to the Super Bowl advertisement circuit. However, this year’s campaign has been announced to be far more than a simple Super Bowl advertisement. Instead, the brand have stated that their advertisement efforts are a “completely new communication of what Bud Light stands for- inclusivity, positivity and fun.” The brand is seeking to leverage the election season of this year as part of their campaign. This effort witnesses actors Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen rallying, in the brand’s teaser, for the “Bud Light Party”.

Doritos: The brand are no strangers to the Super Bowl. However, they have announced that this will be the last year that they host the now famous, “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign. Over the years this campaign has offered fans the ability to create their own Super Bowl themed advertisements in order to win the opportunity to have their creations aired during the event. The brand received in excess of over 4,500 video entries and selected just three finalists. Viewers are able to vote for their favourite until the 31st of January, with the winner being aired during the game. As ever, the advertisement campaign is accompanied by a hashtag campaign, #CrashTheSuperBowl.