Content Is King

What is “Content Is King” All About?

What is “Content Is King” All About?

No matter where your company currently stands with online marketing, you will no doubt have heard the phrase “content is king” when people are discussing how to increase and improve your digital presence. It has been used so much that for many business owners, it has entered into the world of jargon and phrases used by digital agencies that don’t always have a clear meaning and objective that they can easily apply to their own business. Let’s take a look at what content marketing involves and how it can benefit your business so that you can be confident in assigning this role to an agency or to the best person in your team in-house.

Content marketing is very much a discipline within itself in the marketing world, however it is not a new invention that has come about purely as a result of the digital age. One of the first forms of content marketing was a recipe that was published on the back of a bag of flour back in the 1890s. This is an early example of the content marketing premise; that if you share something that people will find useful, it will hold value for them in more ways than one and this in turn is a positive thing for your business and adds an extra dimension to your offering than simply selling a product via an advert – this is a marketing method that can pay significantly higher dividends in the longer term.

How is it a positive thing for your business to share things that people find useful that aren’t directly related to product or service descriptions?

This question might seem almost counter-intuitive but it is not always easily answered, especially by those who do not fully appreciate just how strong the value of content marketing can be for a business.

The value of content marketing is more than just one key benefit. By sharing content that your audience finds helpful that is related to the industry that you are in or the products or services that you offer without directly selling them, you are providing them with something that your competitors are not – authority. Think of the brands and companies that are most successful in their industries; they will be considered the authority (or at least one of the authorities) in their industry not just from the product that they sell but also from the expertise that they have in what they do.

By sharing your expertise, knowledge and industry best practice, as well as insights and updates about your company, you can build and develop authority in your industry. Sharing engaging and relevant content also helps you with your organic search engine ranking. Google is looking for websites that meet the needs of the customer and it has several ways of doing this, which includes keyword identification which your content will naturally include and that will flow naturally when it is written by a professional. Google also searches for those websites that give the customer what they are looking for around the products or services offered, whether that is hints and tips, advice or sharing industry reports.

If you have some really great hints and tips to share, why not put them into an article on your website? What about making them into an infographic that can also be easily shared out on social media as well? By sharing content in this way, you build your authority, improve your organic search rankings and raise awareness of your business – which all contributes towards increased traffic drive to your website and increasing your business base – and in turn, converting those website visitors from browsers to buyers.

How can an agency help my business with content marketing?

An agency will have a wealth of experience in content marketing, they will know how to develop a comprehensive strategy based on the assets that your business already has and building on them to build a strong content portfolio. The team at an agency will be specialists in creating content in various formats, from writing bespoke content items that are optimised for SEO and are engaging for your audience to creating infographics that explain what you do, an area of your business or an interesting industry insight in a graphical format.

Your agency will also have experience of integrating content marketing into an overall digital campaign to the best benefit of your business, from a website and social sharing perspective. If you don’t have someone in house qualified to undertake content creation or you don’t have the time available to dedicate to this activity within your team, take advantage of the expertise available within your agency services to truly get the most from your digital marketing activities.

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