Ways You Can Increase Engagement On Twitter

Ways To Increase Engagement On Twitter

Ways To Increase Engagement On Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for your business. It is a great way to find new customers and to engage with your existing ones. However, when we talk to our clients and customers there are two key questions that they keep returning to.

  1. How do I encourage more interaction with my Twitter followers?
  2. What ways can I engage with my Twitter community?

This blog aims to provide ways in which you can increase your engagement on Twitter.

Share your follower’s tweets: One of the core aspects of human behaviour is the want to be validated. Twitter provides an exceptional means by which you can do this. To make things even better, it isn’t hard to do. Simply retweet your followers. This shows them that you recognize not only the value of their content but also of them.

However, do not simply retweet random content. There needs to be some insight and direction, select tweets that align with the values of your brand. Also before retweeting, make sure to check that the account is a real person. Finally when retweeting, add a personal touch through a comment, this enables you to contribute something to the ongoing discussion. The advocated retweet numbers from experts range from just 20% of your content through to a 50/50 split- to get the best effects play around and find out what works for your brand.

Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are an excellent tool to increase the engagement you receive on Twitter, as long as they are relevant!! To make use of this tip, simply create and promote a hashtag campaign. This is one of the best ways of mobilising your followers and getting conversation around your brand going.

Starting a hashtag campaign is easy, just set yourself a goal for your campaign and identify how it will relate with your customers. Then make sure to do some research into the current topics of your audience in order to create a hashtag which they will identify with.

Provide links to problem solving content: An excellent way of gaining the attention of your Twitter audience is to offer them content which will genuinely enhance their lives. The benefits of this are twofold, to strengthen the bonds between you and your customers and to make your brand part of their lifestyle.

In order to provide problem solving content, you need to identify what content may be of value to your customers. A quick search through your follower’s profiles, will outline some mutual key likes, dislikes and influencers. Once this is done, focus on a key issue which is causing them problems. Then create content that provides a solution to this problem and begin distributing it through your Twitter.