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Our experienced video production team help clients achieve affordable, creative & cutting edge video production. We can do this on location at your site or at our digital creative studio here in Greater Manchester. Or even at another location if suitable.

Our service will help you create the right message with feeling and innovation, from simple vlogs & testimonials, to promo videos for companies, charities, events or people, through to music and trailer/feature Film production.

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How Our Content Team Can Help You ?


It is important to have the right idea and an initial discussion allows the creative juices to flow.


Once we have honed your ideas for your Video we can construct a plan of shot execution. Although useful to have a good storyboard, it needs to be flexible. We don't stifle spontaneous creative thought whilst shooting.

Live Shoot

We book in an available day for our expert video team to come and shoot, whether in the theatre or on location, or both. The day is fully managed by our team and we ensure that we get what we need, whatever it takes!

Post Editing

Once we have all the assets we need, the professional editing can be done in the studio. This brings your video story to life and we can add special effects and graphics etc. to enhance the visual effect.

Upload & Page Development

Wherever the video is going to sit and be promoted from, the setup needs to be right for visitors. We can help here.

Video Marketing

Now you have your asset, it is important to generate good engagement across social media and Google. This is why we are here!

Affordable Video Production

Need Product videos or custom made videos to promote your products and services.Videos can be a powerful medium if marketed correctly. As many people and companies are starting to turn to videos as a primary marketing medium, the key to success is within the creativity and understanding of what works and what does not. This applies to both video and the marketing of the video, post production. We offer Onsite and InBooth Video Production.Got Any Questions about Affordable Video Production? Call for a free quote.

Cutting Edge Video Production

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