Twitter Videos New Ways To Improve Using Videos On Your Feed

Twitter Videos: New Ways To Improve Using Videos On Your Feed

Twitter Videos: New Ways To Improve Using Videos On Your Feed

At the beginning of the year, Twitter increased the maximum length of video tweets by over 50%. This move has made video an increasingly more important weapon in your marketing arsenal on the platform. However, like any form of content, simply placing the content on the platform and expecting results is not enough.

In this blog, we are going to explore new ways in which you can improve upon the use of this medium in your feed.

The Ability To Tweet Longer Videos:

This was briefly explored above, however users are now able to utilise videos with a length of 140 seconds on the platform as opposed to the previous 30 seconds. In addition, select publishers on the platform will be able to post videos which have a length of up to 10 minutes on their feed, through the professional publisher tools.

Twitter have also announced that the longer video feature will not be limited to the Twitter platform. Users are now able to make use of longer videos on Vine, enhancing multi-platform video based strategies. Video curators are able to add videos with a length of 140 seconds to their feeds. The hope of this approach is that the six second Vine will serve as a taster of advertisement for the larger video feeds.

Twitter Is Allowing Users To See More Videos:

The social media platform has announced tweaks to their algorithm which favour the appearance of videos. This makes it easier for a greater number of users to view your video content once it has been posted.

Twitter is also making the actual viewing of videos on the platform easier. This is due to the fact that following the changes, users will tap on a video on their timeline and will then be taken directly to a new, full-screen. In addition, underneath the video on the new screen, users will be suggested other video tweets and Vine tweets.

Unveiling Twitter Engage:

This feature empowers the platform’s greatest influencers to connect on a deeper level with their fans. The Platform have announced they are releasing a new app. The goal of this app is to help popular video creators on the platform to more effectively engage, understand and grow their audiences. Best of all, the app has been designed to be utilised on the go and provides both data and insights in real time.