Twitter Reacts Trump Election Triumph

Twitter Reacts to Trump Election Triumph

Twitter Reaction Trump Election TriumphTwitter Reacts to Trump Election Triumph

Twitter exploded yesterday when news was announced that Donald Trump had been voted the 45th president of the United States, to the shock and dismay of many.

Trump, who was up against Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, was the surprise winner of the 2016 US Presidential Elections. His win has already caused a lot of upset in both the US and internationally, with many in disbelief after he ran what was considered the nastiest election campaign in US history.

Many of the responses, including those from celebrities, expressed shock and horror that Trump had actually won:


There have been those that have compared the win to the upset caused by Brexit in July of this year:



And then there’s the few voices that have shown their support for the new president-elect:



Whether sorely disappointed or gleeful about Donald Trump’s victory, there is no doubt that the tone across Twitter shows that the United States is in for a rough ride either way.