Twitter Officially Confirms Relaxing Character Count

Twitter Officially Confirm Relaxing Of Character Count Penalty For Links And Images

Twitter Officially Confirm Relaxing Of Character Count Penalty For Links And Images

Twitter have recently announced that they will cease to impose their 140-character count limit on photographs and links. This comes as part of a major shift by the social media platform, in terms of how it quantifies posts, in order to grant its users greater levels of freedom.

The information has, for the most part, been received incredibly optimistically by users on the platform. One user tweeted, “Twitter is considering making links and photos not count in the 140character limit, according to Bloomberg. Smart compromise move, I think.” Whilst another simply stated, “This is great they should have done it 100 years ago.”

Allegedly this move is part of a larger and intricate plan to empower users with greater levels of flexibility on the site. The CEO for the social media site, Jack Dorsey, revealed in January of this year, that the company were on the lookout for new ways to display text on the site. He further stated that the site would conduct these experiments based on how people made use of the services. In the 140-character instance, it was to alleviate the issue of people sending images of solid text, or conveying a long message over numerous tweets.

The initial 140-character limit was introduced in 2006 which was prior to the proliferation of smart phones. The social media site felt that this was in touch with the current zeitgeist, enabling users to fit their post into the size of a text.

Whilst considering how to increase its character limit, Twitter was at one point considering going as far as 10,000 characters. However Twitter was not keen to do this as the concise and succinct method of communication is what has separated it from its competition. The company’s executives have spent much time and many characters expressing that the social media platform is heading towards a destination for live events and discussion. Twitter believe that removing the character limit, for both links and photos, may in fact encourage users to increase the amount of media on their posts.

2016 has seen Twitter make extensive use of video, this is part of its larger push towards live events. Again during this year, the social media site pay $10 million in order to obtain the rights to stream ten Thursday night games of the National Football League during this seasons. More is likely to be revealed as time passes, with the site working on an ever increasing number of content deals for entertainment, political events and to stream more sporting events.