Twitter Latest Algorithm Updates

Twitter’s Latest Algorithm Updates – Here’s What You Need To Know

Twitter’s Latest Algorithm Updates – Here’s What You Need To Know

Twitter’s Latest Algorithm Updates: As one of the social giants, Twitter has come under scrutiny in recent years due to its lack of ability to tackle trolls and abusive behaviour on the channel.

The reason behind this is that many complaints actually don’t violate the platform’s rules, so it’s been a long journey to try and introduce something which tackles it but doesn’t impact user’s right to free speech.

With over 336 million monthly active users (and counting), the platform is rolling out its latest algorithm in a bid to tackle unacceptable behaviour and trolls.

Tweets in conversations and search will now be ranked based on a more extensive range of data. This will include elements such as the number of accounts registered to that specific user, the IP address and how many accounts have been registered from this, and if the tweet has prompted any users to block said account. Twitter will also look at whether these profiles tweet at large numbers of accounts they don’t follow.

The changes will only impact where tweets are shown in search results and public conversation, such as a large conversation thread, or hashtag-based stream. Tweets on individual profiles won’t be affected.

These steps will certainly help the platform reduce the visibility of trolling tweets, bots, and more, and although they won’t be able to remove them entirely, it means they will be increasingly more difficult to find.

What does this mean for brands?

This likely won’t do too much to impact brands negatively, especially those which are verified profiles. However, what it is likely to help with is bots or trolls who are extremely active in targeting brand pages, and draw in a lot of negative sentiment on the page.

It’s a great leap forward for Twitter, but many are suggesting it’s not enough, and with the power held by the platform, it should be more advanced by now in tackling these types of issues, especially as social media plays such a huge part in modern day culture. Time will tell, but it’s likely to have a very positive result in the coming weeks and months.