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Want Your Twitter Ad to Focus on Just Website Conversion?

Advertising on Twitter can be powerful is done right, and for many businesses, having a call-to-action is essential. It can generate leads and result in ROI.

Since 2014, Twitter advertisers have been able to select the Website Clicks or Conversions ad objective. This meant advertisements were targeted to users that would likely click-through the website, but did not take into consideration whether the visitors would then perform any action as a result.

However, things have now changed.

Twitter has now separated this single objective into two separate ones: Website Clicks, and Website Conversions. Website Clicks is for advertisers that are just targeting anyone likely to visit the website while Website Conversions is for advertisers that wish to target social users that are most likely to perform a call-to-action.

It’s very easy to set up.

By adding a website tag to your site, an advertiser can now define the behaviour and call-to-action they want your visitor to perform. Once this has been defined, the advertiser then sets up a budget based upon this CTA.

Once the tag is added to your website, Twitter identifies potential users from its own site that will likely perform an action. Twitter will then advertise to this audience on their site.

You can choose a call-to-action that benefits your brand.

Your Call-to-Action can be set to one of the following:

  • Purchase: Ideal for e-commerce websites
  • Download: Perfect if you have a lot of resources like white papers or brochures
  • Sign Up: Best for monitoring data capture purposes

You can also customise it for any other on-page action you want your users to carry out.

So what’s the result?

Let’s make one thing clear. You will still get charged by Twitter even if a user clicks through and doesn’t perform the call-to-action. That hasn’t changed.

But what Twitter is offering by separating clicks and conversions is the chance to narrow your target audience. It’s all about trying to reach the right people and this approach should hopefully entice users that will act upon visiting your website.

The intention is that you will see higher conversion rates, and that is something we know you value. It is a brilliant way to reach the right users and ensure that you hit your targets.