Google Arts And Culture New App

Have You Tried The Google Arts And Culture App?

Have You Tried The Google Arts And Culture App?

On 19th July Google announced that they were unveiling their latest new app – Google Arts & Culture. The app was created by the Google Cultural Institute and empowers users to “explore anything from cats in art since 200 BCE to the colour red in Abstract Expressionism, and everything in between.”

Included within the app are numerous tools helping its users to discover works and artefacts alike. The hope is that it will allow users to “immerse yourself in cultural experiences across art, history and wonders of the world.” Included within the app are works and artefacts from over 1000 museums spread across 70 countries. Specific features include:

  • The ability to search for anything using your own phrases and themes, such as shoes or all things gold.
  • Users will be able to view art by its historic period and time of creation. This will enable them to view the emotional journey of an artist’s entire career as it develops and evolves.
  • The app can be browsed by colour, Google invites users to learn about Monet’s 50 shades of grey.
  • Each and every day, the app provides users with a “new fascinating story to discover… today, it’s nine powerful men in heels.”

Users who deploy the app in conjunction with a reality viewer, such as Google’s Cardboard, can use the Arts & Culture app to transform their IOS and Android into a vehicle taking them on a virtual tour. The examples of this provided by the search engine included, viewings of the street art scene in Rome, to take a closer look inside a creation by the famous street artist Insa, or even to be transported back some 2,500 years in history in order to view the ancient Greek temple of Zeus.

Outside of the app itself, users will not be sort of ideas, inspiration and fresh ways in which to interact with Google Arts & Culture. Google have launched a dedicated YouTube channel, where users are able to meet Neil Harbisson, New York’s “cyborg artist”.

However, Google does not want its app to serve as a replacement to the numerous museums whose collections have been used to collate the works and artefacts it contains. Users can click “Visit” on a museum’s page and are then provided with opening times and navigation there from their current location.

Google also announced that the app is equipped with an Art Recogniser feature, that provides all of the information about that piece of artwork. Presently the feature is limited to three galleries, however the search engine intends to increase this number.