Social Media Day 2018

Social Media Day 2018 – How Are You Celebrating?

Social Media Day 2018 – How Are You Celebrating?

June 30th 2018 will be the 9th Social Media Day 2018 by Mashable. It is a day to celebrate the profound impact social media has had on global communication. In the modern world, social media is at the heart of so many forms of global communication, and Mashable has been working hard to use social media to make connections between cultures, movements and super-fans. June 30th is the international day to celebrate social media, and everyone is invited to the party!

How to celebrate Social Media Day

There are many ways to celebrate this international recognition of social media. For example, in San Diego, USA, there is a Social Media Day event where people can learn about the latest trends in social media marketing. It is a huge opportunity to network and watch presentations from industry thought leaders like Roberto Blake and Jessika Phillips, sharing their insights into the industry.

If you aren’t able to get to any big events like that, however, you can join the conversation online when Social Media Day arrives. Simply use the hashtag #SMDay to get your thoughts into the global discussion and gain access to the thoughts of everyone else talking about the topic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social media platform you prefer. After all, how better to take part in the Social Media Day celebrations than by getting on social media?

Of course, Social Media Day isn’t necessarily at the top of everyone’s list of popular ‘holidays’. Its original purpose was to highlight the “revolutionary” changes social media has brought to the ways we communicate. Mashable, who created the day in 2010, encourage people to participate on the internet and in real life. San Diego is recognising Social Media Day, so why not other cities?

Whatever you plan to do on Social Media day, just keep in mind that it’s about bringing people together. The conversation will be happening online and IRL, and there is no doubting the enormous impact social media has had on communications and marketing for both business and personal use. And if you can turn some of your social media friends into real ones, then Social Media Day has well and truly served its purpose!