SEO Rankings Google Update

Have you seen any changes in SEO rankings this past few weeks? Here’s why

If you’ve noticed some changes to your SEO in the last few days, you aren’t alone, and it appears Google may have made another, significant update to their algorithm towards the end of June. Google hasn’t officially confirmed anything about an algorithm update but several industry tracking tools including SERPMetrics, Advanced Web Rankings and SEMRush have. The only line Google has released is that updates are made all of the time, giving no clear indication as to whether there was a specific update recently.

These SEO tracking tools published graphs demonstrating recent fluctuations in their recorded search results, which in some cases were significant. The reason the industry is querying whether there have been changes recently is that so many variations were noted on the same date. Some of the rankings were worsened with businesses who usually ranked on page one, dropping down the rankings as many as two pages. Some of the rankings improved, with clients noticing a pleasing boost in their search ranking positioning.

It’s worth reviewing your analytics tools and running keyword searches to assess whether you have also been affected. Keep a record of the date, time, and keywords you have looked for and review against historic data you have kept. Without any official announcement from Google just yet, it’s worth starting to formulate a plan to amend your keywords accordingly to the new algorithms.

One of the key things to remember with Google algorithm updates is that they reward high quality and punish sites that are overly pushy with advertising. If you have low-quality content, text-heavy pages and slow load time, you’re likely to notice a dip in your rankings. Concentrate on reviewing the quality experience of your site, and make amends accordingly. Quality is the key area Google has updated its search ranking criteria on previously, so it’s likely it will be one of the main areas affected if indeed there has been another algorithm update.

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