RankBrain New Google Algorithm

RankBrain – The New Google Algorithm

RankBrain – The New Google Algorithm

As a search engine, Google is constantly on the lookout for better means of ensuring it provides its users with the optimum search results. This has resulted in the platform’s recent adoption of the machine learning technology “RankBrain”.

So what is RankBrain?

RankBrain is the name Google have given to the machine-learning artificial intelligence system that it is using to process its search results. This was initially reported in an article by Bloomberg and was later confirmed by the search engine.

What does “Machine Learning” mean?

The term “machine learning” refers to a process whereby over time a computer actively teaches itself how to perform a specific task, as opposed to being taught through human input or through a system of dedicated and detailed programming.

Is RankBrain the new method Google uses to rank the search results it provides?

No this is not the case. RankBrain has been introduced as an addition to the search engine’s overall algorithm, not a replacement to it. The search engine’s algorithm is the computer program that is responsible for searching through the billions of pages it knows exists on the internet in order to provide you, in seconds, with the ones it has decided are most relevant to your specific search or query.

What is Google’s search algorithm called?

Presently the algorithm for Google is called Hummingbird. For a number of years, the search engine operated without giving its algorithm a name. However in 2013 the search engine performed a huge overhaul on their algorithm, as part of this project they decided it was time to name their algorithm. So they settled on Hummingbird.

Is RankBrain part of Hummingbird’s search algorithm?

It is presently understood that this is the case. To use an analogy, Hummingbird is the overall search engine algorithm, in the same way a vehicle has an overall engine entity. In the case of a vehicle, there are numerous other parts within it, fuel pump, radiator, oil filter etc. Similarly, Hummingbird is comprised of numerous other parts, RankBrain is the newest addition of these. Key to the understanding of the function of RankBrain is the fact that it has been revealed that RankBrain is not responsible for handling all searches, as the overall algorithm is.

RankBrain is not the only additional part contained within the overall system of the Hummingbird algorithm. Those familiar with SEO will already know of a number of these additional parts, which include features to fight spam such as Panda, Penguin or Payday. Pirate was created to fight copyright infringement. Whilst “Top Heavy” was implemented to demote advertisement heavy pages.