Premier League Marketing Machine

The Premier League Marketing Machine

The Premier League Marketing Machine

Gone are the days when the Premier League was simply a competition showcasing the best in British football, the tournament has now grown into a fully-fledged business in its own right which generates billions of pounds of revenue each and every year.

Not only does the Premier League generate substantial amounts of revenue year on year, it also generates more revenue than any other league in Europe. To demonstrate, during the 2013/14 season, the league generated almost $4.5 billion, with second spot in Europe being the Bundesliga, which generated about $2.6 billion.

This massive income is mainly gained through the tournaments marketing. To demonstrate, the Premier League earned about $740 million during the 2013/14 season from match day fees collectively. A further $1.25 billion came from TV commercials both international and domestic. However, the main source of income for the League actually came from broadcasting the Premier League, which brought in a cool $2.5 billion.

It was the small clubs who benefited most from the Premier League broadcasting deals. To demonstrate, Cardiff City who were actually relegated during the season actually enjoyed earnings greater than Manchester United did the previous year when they won the competition.

However, many argue that the fact the Premier League has become such a potent marketing machine is not due only to savvy fiscal policy and expert exploitation of further revenue avenues, but that it is down to the high calibre football that the event witnesses.

Most agree that the Premier League is the single best league in the world. This position has not been achieved purely because of the high levels of revenue that the League generates. Instead it is due to the fact that the league showcases the best football and the most competitive matches.

This level of competition and the subsequent excitement in generates can be easily glanced in a comparison of League table results. Returning to the Bundesliga, point differences between the top team and the fifth team can be as much as 17 points, this means that often the winner is predictable and it is a foregone conclusion. Not so with the Premier League, where the difference is frequently as little as just four or five points between first and fifth – meaning every match counts.

The Premier League has become such a potent marketing machine due to the high calibre product that it represents and the loyal following it attracts- making it the perfect place for brands to enjoy high levels of exposure.