Poor Marketing Tactics Enough To Scare Anyone Off

Enough to scare anyone off! When brands’ poor marketing tactics come back to haunt them

With the revolution of digital marketing, brands have more opportunities than ever before to promote their messaging and engage with their customers. Social media channels offer brands the chance to jump on trending topics using hashtags, and reach out to their target audience with content they know is relevant to the people they’re trying to engage with. But brands don’t always get this right, and in a worst case scenario, they can create campaigns which car crash – not just missing the point, but at times damaging the reputation of the brand. With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve decided to list a few examples of poor marketing tactics employed by brands which have come back to haunt them.

Crocs – David Bowie tribute

Marketing Tactics
Mourning the death of anyone is tricky ground to navigate on any online channel, and Crocs colossally put their rubber-coated foot in it with an ill-timed tweet referencing David Bowie’s death. Tweeting a picture of a white croc with Bowie’s signature red lightning bolt across it was not well received by Twitter who deemed the brand unworthy of connecting itself to the music and fashion icon.

Pepsi – Kendall Jenner

Pepsi’s advert starring supermodel Kendall Jenner was meant to add to the conversation of the Black Lives Matter movement, showing Jenner participating in a peaceful protest rally. The advert came under huge criticism for making light of such sensitive issues faced at the time, including a social media post from the daughter of Martin Luther King Jnr. The advert was pulled by Pepsi who went on to issue an apology.

Total Beauty – Oprah vs Whoopi

Marketing Tactics
The beauty site’s tweet celebrating the fact the celebrity shown in the photo had tattoos was fine…until they claimed the woman was Oprah Winfrey, and not Whoopi Goldberg who was the actual person photographed. Facepalms all round here guys. If you’re going to comment on a celebrity, make sure you know who the person in the photograph is!

Whilst most of these examples seem like brands simply lacking in common sense, a lot of scary brand fails are well-intentioned posts badly executed. Be sure you think about a range of perspectives before you post so that you don’t create a nightmare situation that comes back to haunt you!