Facebook To Prioritise Faster Websites In Users News Feeds

Facebook soon to prioritise faster websites in users’ news feeds

Facebook is forever on the lookout for ways to improve the user experience, and announced earlier this month that they will be ranking faster performing websites higher than others in news feeds, pushing ones that might take longer to load further down. This change will be rolled out over the forthcoming months, giving publishers time

Flash Sales Ecommerce Brand

Flash sales for your e-commerce brand – are they effective?

The subject of flash sales among e-commerce brands is a debate that splits opinion – both that of the brand, and of digital marketing agencies who look to integrate flash sales in client content strategy. A flash sale is a sale of goods at greatly reduced prices — but the catch is that it usually

SEO Rankings Google Update

Have you seen any changes in SEO rankings this past few weeks? Here’s why

If you’ve noticed some changes to your SEO in the last few days, you aren’t alone, and it appears Google may have made another, significant update to their algorithm towards the end of June. Google hasn’t officially confirmed anything about an algorithm update but several industry tracking tools including SERPMetrics, Advanced Web Rankings and SEMRush

Google Marketing Next 2017

Google Marketing Next 2017 – What Were The Major Announcements?

Anytime Google decides to host an event, you can feel the whole online advertising world hold their breath. After all, any changes affect thousands of businesses around the world – us included! With that in mind, all eyes were on Google Marketing Next, an event held at the end of May. So, what were the

Content Audit Your Online Mechanic

Content Auditing: Serious Business

With so much content being created by companies for on and offline communications, it is easy to get caught up in content production, without a great deal of consideration to its relevance or impact. Conducting a content audit is a great way to ensure your brand message is clear and consistent across the many channels

Micro-moments Mobile Marketing

Micro-moments: What they are and why you’re already using them

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. How many times in a day do you reach for your smartphone in response to something you’ve seen or heard, looking for more information? Did you check the weather app on your phone to decide whether to take an umbrella today? Or did you look up

Net Neutrality What Is It Who Does It Affect

Net Neutrality: What Is It And Who Does It Affect?

The internet in 2017 stands as a great achievement: an unlimited network of computers on which can be found the sum of human knowledge. It has also been created on the principle of equal and open access to all, a principle underpinned by the idea of net neutrality. What is net neutrality? Net neutrality determines

Resurrect Your SEO Campaign This Easter

Resurrect your SEO campaign this Easter!

This month marks the start of Easter and in turn the end of lent, a time where sacrifices are traditionally put to rest and most people can go back to eating chocolate/crisps/wine free of guilt. SEO however, is one area of the digital world that certainly can’t be given up on and left to one

Online Habits And Political Views

Have your online habits had an effect on your political views?

Have you ever filled in a ‘personality survey‘ online? These are usually just a bit of fun to share among friends but did you know that surveys like this have been used to elect Trump and secure Brexit? The approach is called Psychometric Profiling and when combined with Big Data unleashes a powerful method of

Google My Business Address Verification

Google my Business: Verifying your address is serious business!

Verifying your company address with Google can make a big difference to the success of your business and is essential for digital growth. Known as ‘Google my Business‘, this simple tool means that your business name will appear on Google Maps and help you stand out on a simple Google Search. Google My Business, SEO

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