Mobile World Cup 2018

The Mobile World Cup?

The Mobile World Cup?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia marks a new era for convergence culture with The ‘Mobile World Cup This year, we are going to see a new wave of media consumption within the sports entertainment industry. In essence, mobile technologies and smartphones are about to reshape the landscape of football consumption for the masses.

The technology behind mobile phones means that we now have more information than ever broadcasted directly to our hands. With the World Cup looming, more and more companies are tapping into the FIFA brand to deliver cutting edge, interactive experiences to the popular mobile web-stores, iOS’ App Store and Google’s Google Play. With this, users are exposed to a wealth of technologies, from football news apps, World Cup-inspired games, sports betting and most importantly, video streaming – streaming that will now allow more users than ever to watch each game, in high-quality resolutions, from the comfort and familiarity of their mobile phones.

We are even seeing some broadcasting take place in 4K through BBC iPlayer, bringing a rich and immersive viewing experience to your hands that could genuinely rival the action witnessed by the fans, who managed to grab tickets for the matches.

From a marketing perspective, the mobile World Cup opens up a new world for advertising and ‘word of mouth’ media simply through the expected increased use of mobile phones in and around the World Cup, both on-site in Russia and across the rest of the world. Images, pictures, sounds and samples from the games will be shared and of course, with the rise of mobile phone applications, football and World Cup focused advertising is going to see a boom.

Have you thought about how many TV adverts in the UK are including photographs of England Captain Harry Kane at the moment? This will only increase the further England go in the tournament.

Simply put, this World Cup is inspiring a convergence between the embracing culture of football and the accelerating medium that is the mobile phone. Through this, utter transparency is ensured, giving more and more people the opportunity to experience the action, first hand, in the process, expanding the scope for mobile phone use within football, forever.