Micro-moments Mobile Marketing

Micro-moments: What they are and why you’re already using them

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. How many times in a day do you reach for your smartphone in response to something you’ve seen or heard, looking for more information? Did you check the weather app on your phone to decide whether to take an umbrella today? Or did you look up the screening times for a film this weekend? When you did, you were having a micro-moment; an intent-driven moment that marketers are keen to make the most of.

Why are they so important?

Micro-moments are the times when a person has a real intention to do something. They’re ready to act, ready to go somewhere, or ready to listen to something. They are also keen to find out about something or, a marketer’s dream: buy something. With a smartphone in their pocket ready to give them the information they need, modern consumers expect to be able to find what they want, right there and then in the palm of their hands.

In recent research, Google discovered that 69% of leisure travellers will look up travel ideas during their journey, and a massive 91% say they’d used their smartphone to look up information in the middle of a task. Among shoppers, 82% said they checked their phones while they were in a store, about to make a purchase and, perhaps the most exciting prospect for marketers, 10% of them then went on to buy a different product.

With 69% of those surveyed saying that the timing, quality and relevance of a company’s message influenced their purchase, being able to speak directly to a customer while they are stood next to their own, or a competitor’s product, could give companies a real edge.

Responding to micro-moments really means making sure that you have content that addresses all of the questions your customers might be looking for. With purpose designed apps and geolocational capabilities on most smartphones, marketers will use these micro-moments to encourage you with more information, discounts or special offers.

As smartphones rise in popularity and we turn to them for a wider range of tasks than ever before, there will be more and more micro-moments for canny marketers to take advantage of.

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