Marketing Stats 2018 - Do They Affect Your Strategy

Latest Marketing Stats For 2018 – Do They Affect Your Strategy?

Latest Marketing Stats For 2018 – Do They Affect Your Strategy?

Every marketing professional knows that data and analytics guide the best promotional strategies. Internet users’ browsing – and app-related – habits change over time; including the potential customers that you are trying to reach. So, let’s take a look at the Latest Marketing Stats For 2018, and last, to spot the essential changes and see how they might impact your plans and strategies for the year to come.

Over 3 Billion Users On Social Media For The First Time

The last year has seen the number of individual users on social media climb to more than 3.1 billion. An increase of 13% compared to 2017 alone; that means that very nearly half of all the human beings on planet earth now have at least one social media account.
Of course, not all social networks were created equal. Despite its recent woes, Facebook remains the fastest growing with an increase of 527 million users in the last two years alone. However, its sister platforms Instagram and WhatsApp follow close behind with gains of 400 million each during the same time.
Up to 80% of businesses advertise on social media in 2018, making it all the more critical to ensure that your campaigns cut through the noise and gain attention – and engagement – from your intended audience. You may want to consider more focussed targeting, or using A/B testing, to ensure that your social media ads are as effective as they can be.

Advertising In WhatsApp

Facebook is also looking to increase its ability to monetise WhatsApp and has recently released a business-focused version of the successful messaging app to help businesses communicate with their customers. WhatsApp is likely to be a pivotal area for development over the next year, with its ability to interact on a more personal level with customers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will need to give some thought to how they will incorporate this into their overall marketing plans.

Voice Search

Another significant development has been the rise of voice as a search tool, with over a billion voice searches now taking place every month. Particularly now that 52.2% of all internet traffic is from smartphones and mobile browsers, ensuring that you optimise your advertising for voice search can only help to drive even more traffic.