Manchester Leading The Way In Digital

Manchester Leading The Way In Digital Creativity

Manchester Leading The Way In Digital Creativity

Manchester’s constantly growing and developing digital landscape is the primary driving force behind its leader status within the UK.

Digital City

The prominence of Manchester on the digital circuits dates Alan Turing and his team worked at Manchester University to develop the modern computer, with their “Manchester Baby”. This was one of the first designs for a program-stored computer and was created in 1948. Since then, developments have continued with city gaining morning than £3.5 billion in funds to build a global hub for creative workers. It is forecast that within the coming decade the city will create some 23,000 jobs for those working in the digital community in Manchester.

Technological Education

However, education plays an equally important role in the leader position that Manchester currently enjoys. This is demonstrated by the 7,200 creative and media students, combined with a further 6,000 studying computer based subjects at one of the city’s three exceptional universities. A factor which places Manchester above other cities when it comes to digital education is Media City UK. This site is the largest purpose-built media location in Europe, and provides a location where students from Salford University are able to develop skills in journalism, PR, video and sound in a real working environment.

London In Decline

Other cities have not been quick to catch up with Manchester, most notably London. The city is becoming increasingly less appealing to young professionals and students, not only because of the much higher rents and general cost of living, but also because their purpose-built digital hubs are not outdated compared with those offered by Manchester.

Increased Funding

Funding has played a pivotal role in the expansion of Manchester’s digital credentials. In October 2015, the city was awarded £1 million as part of the government’s Technology Strategy Board, £25 million scheme. The scheme is aimed at start-ups and developments.

Innovative Strategies

Of the UK’s leading football clubs, Manchester City have been most successful in using digital developments to make the club more accessible to its fans. This has been accomplished by savvy social media strategy, included within this has been the provision of exclusive interviews and other appealing content across numerous platforms. The effectiveness of the approach launched by Manchester city has been such that other clubs around the country have begun to emulate this approach. This content-led social media approach, uniting fans to the staff and players has now become the industry standard.