National Dog Day Social Media

National Dog day – The internet famous dogs you need to follow

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re quite fond of a pet or two at Your Online Mechanic. There’s not a week that goes by without us wittering on about our office dog Rusty, or posting cat gifs. We can’t get enough! So, as this week is National Dog Day, we’ve decided to round up some the most popular dogs on social media for your wanting eyes. These pooches are a great example of fabulous marketing and branding – take note.

1. Boo – the cutest dog in the world

i can nap on your favorite rug, please?

Posted by Boo on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Boo is one of the world’s most well-known dogs and one of the first dogs to go viral. It all started when his owner set up a Facebook page back in 2009 filled with photos of Boo (a Pomeranian) dressed up in a variety of lovely ensembles. Unsuprisingly as fresh content is ALWAYS king, The internet went wild. He was branded ‘the cutest dog in the world’ and with over 17 million Facebook likes as well as a line of books and calendars, this is one pooch who’s social media game is very much on point.

Oh and just to make you feel even more inadequate, he’s even got his own Wikipedia page.

2. Mishka – the talking husky

This one is a bit of a cheat code admittedly. Everyone knows that unique content has a great chance at becoming viral content – so what’s more unique than a talking dog?

Videos of Mishka coming out with all kinds of crazy phrases can be found on her Youtube channel, where She currently has over 643,000 subscribers on YouTube, and her top video views are well into the millions. Unfortunately we have to inform you that Mishka passed away in April (*sob*), but we’re hoping that her videos will live on forever for us to enjoy online!

3. Doug the Pug

"‪Never too cool for the kiddie pool‬" -Doug

Posted by Doug The Pug on Saturday, 10 June 2017

Everyone on the internet loves a pug, and with almost 6 million(!) Facebook likes at the time of writing Doug The Pug takes the cake. Master of photo and parody, the social media star racks up millions of engagements on every post. With videos like this it isn’t hard to see why.


4. Jesse the Jack Russell

Jesse is the self proclaimed ‘world’s smartest dog’. In fairness he has learnt more tricks than your average dog, including some household chores (including licking up peanut butter in slow motion with his pals). He can take your jacket off, fold laundry and even make tea (Health and safety anyone?), so it’s no surprise that his videos have over 41 million views on YouTube. The account is filled with lots of unique and entertaining content so take a look at his channel, who knows what treats you might come across?

Hopefully these mutts were somewhat helpful if you’re trying to get your pet to go viral. It’s really quite simple at the end of the day, they just need to be able to talk or star in a few music videos. If it was no help then oh well, at least we all got to look at dogs. Everyone loves looking at dogs.