Market Your Brand St Patrick's Day

How to Market Your Brand on St.Patrick’s Day

How to Market Your Brand on St.Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, which presents the perfect opportunity to market your brand in a unique and fun way! To help you gain some inspiration, we’ve put together some of the best St Patrick’s Day marketing techniques other brands have used. This can help you try out a memorable and unique campaign that your customers will love.

Themed foods and drinks

Krispy Kreme St Patrick's Day Donut

St Patrick’s day is all about going “green”, and a great example of this is when Krispy Kreme decided to change all their iconic Original Glazed Donuts green. While dying products green for St Patrick’s Day isn’t new, it is a great way to create a unique product that your customers will recognise. With a one day green deal, you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a memorable way. Since it’s a one day offer, there’ll be a sense of urgency which makes customers want to buy or try your product. This was a highly successful campaign for Krispy Kreme which was clearly reflected in their St Patrick’s Day sales and the fact that the campaign caught lots of attention, both online and offline. It doesn’t need to just be food that goes green: you can have a green-themed drink at a bar, a green-themed smoothie or even a green-themed burger bun.

Promote a competition

Jameson #CheersYourJameson St Patrick's Day

Jameson’s used St Patrick’s Day as a chance to offer a trip to Ireland itself! To enter the contest, customers were asked to submit a photo of them and their friends with a drink of Jameson, using the hashtag #CheersYourJameson alongside their location. This was a brilliant campaign for a number of reasons. Firstly, it increased consumer engagement with the brand, allowing customers to interact and share the brand all over social media. Also, by displaying all of the various locations where engaged users are based, this highlights the brand’s popularity worldwide and is a great opportunity for the company to find out where their main social audience is. Lastly, it creates a sense of community among Jameson drinkers with a unique collage of photos and locations.

Create a social media hashtag

#StachForCharity Guinness Hashtag St Patrick's Day

Use social media to your advantage by using a St Patrick’s themed hashtag to engage with your customers. A great example of this is from Ireland’s most famous drink, Guinness. They used St Patrick’s Day to give back to the community with a #StacheForCharity campaign. They will donate $1 for every picture they receive to their non-profit organisation. There are a variety of hashtags you could get involved with, but it’s great to link something in with your product or link it to a competitor or charity event. This will help the hashtag gain momentum.

Regardless of which marketing strategy you choose, St. Patrick’s Day provides you with a rare opportunity to get creative and think outside the box. Getting involved with these holidays helps humanise your brand and connect and engage with your customers.