Honesty in marketing - has your brand been doing it wrong?

Honesty in marketing – has your brand been doing it wrong?

Honesty in marketing – has your brand been doing it wrong?

Honesty in marketing – Ask many people whether they would trust a salesmen and the answer is usually no. It may not be surprising to hear that this view also extends to marketers. Marketing is responsible for helping businesses sell their products or services, its aim is usually to convince people they need to spend. These highly strategic campaigns are successful, but they are also leading to a lack of mistrust among consumers.

Marketing and ethics

A recent survey carried out by Ipsos OTX identified that only a very small percentage of people trust those involved in advertising and the media. The results showed that consumers expected only 4% of those involved in advertising and marketing to practice integrity in their professional roles.

Why are marketers seen as dishonest?

In most cases marketers do not mean to be dishonest, it is the pressure to help businesses perform which drives marketers to improve their pressure tactics. Some consumers believe marketers lie to progress their career, or because the company overall is dishonest and they have been told to lie.

Dishonesty in your business

Marketing aims to highlight the benefits of a product or service to encourage potential customers to spend their money. However, people are wise to the push of advertising and are choosing to ignore many of the traditional marketing methods. The internet has enabled consumers to research the products they are interested in, which means marketing needs to be strategic in its delivery. Marketing should be seen as beneficial, it should provide a use to the potential consumer.

Honesty as your strategy

As brands invest increasingly in new ways to position themselves in front of consumers, many people on the receiving end feel bombarded. By creating a marketing strategy based on authenticity and honesty your business will stand out from the wash of ‘pushy’ advertising. Try to create campaigns which do not talk about your business, instead focus on how your service or product can solve a problem.

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