Google’s New Logo

Google’s New Logo

Google unveiled its new logo on 1st September 2015 and received very mixed reactions to their new look, from people who loved the updated appearance to those who didn’t see why they would fix something that wasn’t broken.

You will be familiar with Google’s most recent previous logo. Their newest logo is just as iconic as their previous incarnations and looks like this above the old logo for comparison.

Changing the logo of this world-recognised organisation is not something new. Google has had several logo variations since it started back on 4th September 1998, some of its logo updates and adjustments have been more well received than others. This logo update has seen its biggest change in sixteen years.

Google themselves gave some big reasons behind the changing logo, you can read their blog post update on the logo change here.

The nature of brand and how a brand is built, nurtured, grown and represented by icons such as logos is something that Google is not only aware of but can be considered to be one of the few who have achieved success with not just one but several changes in this arena. When it comes to making changes that enhance the way the brand is received rather than damaging with ill-thought out changes that are not the best way to represent their brand, Google knows exactly what they want to achieve with any changes that they make.

Many people have commented that they don’t see that much difference between the new logo and the previous logo and this is not totally unintentional on the part of Google. Too much of a change would have the potential to ignore the strong brand recognition built up over the past seventeen years, so a subtle change was just enough to allow Google to say something new with its logo whilst keeping the iconic appearance known the world over.

Google say that their new logo represents a “new identity family” and that the new logo is a reflection of this new identity – their changes internally and progression of their company as technology has advanced and changed the world reflect how Google is changing to meet the need of today’s users.

The font of the logo has been changed very slightly and the tone of the colours has been slightly muted – this change in tone is so subtle that you might not even notice it unless you look at the new logo and the old logo compared side by side.

So, how do you feel about the new Google logo? Do you think they should have left the iconic Google logo as it was or do you think that sometimes change is good? Whichever way you feel about Google’s logo now, they have said it won’t be the last time that they change their logo, so there will no doubt be more updates and debates to come!