Google My Business Address Verification

Google my Business: Verifying your address is serious business!

Verifying your company address with Google can make a big difference to the success of your business and is essential for digital growth. Known as ‘Google my Business‘, this simple tool means that your business name will appear on Google Maps and help you stand out on a simple Google Search.

Google My Business, SEO best practises.

SEO changes all the time, and adapting to its constant evolution is key to your digital growth. If you are already thinking that you need to register your business address with Google, then you’ve already taken a step in the right direction and you’re getting ahead of the thousands of UK businesses who have failed to get on this very important bandwagon. Not only does it mean that users see your business when using a map, making you easier to find and improving the chances of impulse visits, but it also makes you more likely to come up in a local search for certain keywords.

If you’re registered with Google My Business, then when you come up in a Google search, so can your company photo, address, contact number, directions, opening hours and links to your email and website, all in one handy box. A review summary will also be instantly visible to users.

How do I Google my biz?

Google won’t add your business to its maps without your verification, but luckily it’s easy. You can ask our website developer team or SEO experts to help you, or you can do it yourself. Simply go to the Google My Business section of your Google account, here you add your business address and then wait a few days for the postcard verification. After this your business will appear on Google maps.

Local SEO

Where you’re based is so much a part of who you are as a business, especially if you own a retail or food establishment. SEO has been going in a more local direction for years now, but Google My Business is now the key way you can help your business be found online.

With 70% of UK iPhone users favouring Google Maps over Apple and over 80% of all global internet visits being made via the Google search engine, you’ll be left behind if you don’t sign up soon!