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Everything you need to know about Festivus – the non-commercialised Christmas

Everything you need to know about Festivus – the non-commercialised Christmas

Before we begin, perhaps you’re wondering why a marketing company would want to talk about a non-commercialised Christmas. It’s a little ironic, isn’t it? Truth be told, (and as you may be all too familiar with) in the marketing world, Christmas begins almost as soon as it’s over. In fact, the hottest months of the year are often filled with talks of white wonderlands, knitwear and festive themes. So, take it from us, a commercial-free Christmas is a very welcome break. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Festivus, the highlight of our year.

What exactly is Festivus?

Simply said, Festivus is a non-religious holiday that defies all things Christmassy. Celebrated on the 23rd of December, it’s a great way for those who may despise the cliches, commercialism and pressure of Christmas, or for those who just need a bit of a break from tinsel and trees. Created as a family tradition by the acclaimed writer Dan O’Keefe, his screenwriter son, Daniel (Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, The Drew Carey Show) decided to enlighten the world with Festivus. He did this by penning an episode of Seinfeld called ‘The Strike’ based on this wonderful holiday. Today, Festivus seems to have resonated with a large American audience, having been the subject of books, TV and philosophy. The Festivus appreciation has quickly caught on to the rest of the world – who are all sick of Christmas.

How can I celebrate Festivus?

There are no set rules as to how one should celebrate Festivus because frankly, that’s what it fights against. It’s a cheap holiday that should be filled with friends, family, sarcasm and a favourite drink or two. However, there is just one Festivus tradition that is just too good to miss out on. The Festivus pole.

What is the Festivus pole?

Festivus Pole

By Matthew Keefe (Flickr: Celebrating Festivus 2) CC BY 2.0

The Festivus pole emphasises the holiday’s ethos of getting back to basics, celebrating life and sharing it with fellow humans. A Festivus home should be decorated with just one thing – a pole. An aluminium pole is ideal, but if you can’t access one, any metal will do. For the style conscious decorator, you can create a chic Scandi twist by opting for a large stick instead. Make sure to position it in the centre of a room so that it can take the limelight.

Our essential festivus tips

Stock up on Festivus games, tipples and invite your favourite group of people over for a truly Festivus evening. A little anti-Christmas sentiment is always fun, but avoid too much focus on it as you’ll come across as a Grinch. Also, consider alternatives to presents. Perhaps you can give each guest a truly awkward compliment and watch them squirm, or you could just give everyone some fruit.

If you’re feeling ready to take on Festivus, remember, there are no rules. Do as you please just as long as it’s not Christmassy in any shape or form. However, perhaps watching an episode or two of Seinfeld will help you polish up your knowledge!