My business needs to show up on Google, will my new website do that for me?

This is a common question business owners ask. They know they need to be high on Google for their specific business keywords, however they tend to confuse their website system and Google’s search system as being almost the same thing!

When you build a website and push it live onto the World Wide Web (WWW), the various information on the pages you have built will be indexed in many places, one of the most important places is within a Search Engine such as Google. This is one of the main jobs of any Search Engine program, they search or trawl the web for information and files. These are then indexed into their adaptive databases which can be presented to their users upon query.

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are database driven systems, designed to answer queries by displaying web information specific to each query. As everyone asks queries in a different way, specialist programs are required to ‘interpret’ your question and then offer the best results from that ‘interpretation’. They cannot read minds yet, but they build highly complex programs called ‘algorithms’ which are adapted constantly to both ‘search and find’ and then to answer queries with the most up to date and relevant information per query. In addition, returning users or signed-in users who constantly use their chosen search engine to find answers and information, can be monitored so that trends and patterns can help provide more tailored results – once the person’s habits are better understood. This is a contentious issue which is being argued, debated and in some cases fought out through the judicial systems of many countries, due to the popularity and now total reliance on search engines, considered by many as the gateway to the internet, when in fact they are just a small part of it.

Simply placing a website live on www, does not mean that your information will be seen by others searching for it. Equally, it does not mean that it will not be indexed and appear in some search results. However the truth is that in most cases, without additional technical and marketing work, very few people will find your information, unless the content is of such a high level and engagement with nothing like it within the database from competition, then it may rank well without much work (however in today’s overcrowded keyword informed digital age it is almost certain some work is required).

To rank and drive traffic to your website, work needs to be done. The extent of which depends upon various factors, such as keyword competition, website setup, content quality, popularity, trust factors, etc. There are over 250+ ranking factors to consider and thus when it comes to marketing a website, we suggest seeking a qualified professional with many years working to rank web pages on Search Engines. You can find further information in our SEO section, within our FAQs or on our SEO services page.

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