What is the cost of a good website?

What is the cost of a good Website?One of the first questions most people want to know, however the process of costing a website is not straightforward.

As their are so many different types, platforms, functions and designs the price can range from around £1,000 – £125,000, so it is not so straightforward to cost a website without understand first a few important factors.

It is not to say that if factors above are known a cost cannot be given easily, just that each website requires different levels of design, development, management, content creation and other factors that mean for a quality website that actually makes a difference to your business it is not a fixed price. Fixed prices offered on website are a guideline only, most prices will change once the brief is known. Usually they are used by websites to draw in your interest, however you have to question anyone wishing to compete in their marketplace in a Digital Age wishing to generate new business acquisitions and deciding to go cheap on their website purchase.

That is not to say that great websites need to be expensive however it should not be the main or only reason, you want a business asset that can grow with your business and can provide a residual value to the business. Websites like property carry vast future potential for business wealth. For example, Facebook acquired the url fb.com just as a redirect to Facebook.com for a mere $8.5million, so never undervalue the potential of a domain or the website that generate an income from it.

As a good guideline to costing a website ask yourself “what is it that I want from my website?”. In general their are just 3 boxes for website types: Profile/Brochure Sites, Lead Generation Websites and Ecommerce Websites.

So in terms of cost expectations:

If you want simply a profile or brochure type then you should focus on the design rather than the technical function and cost according to the level of quality you are after. For example if you have quality artwork, graphics and images then you can expect costs to be a lower than if you need to create or buy in images etc.

Lead Generation Websites deal with providing user engagement so they need more help technically to offer useful tools and graphics along with contact forms and other elements required to create the level of visibility needed to generate new business leads. In terms of the website it needs to have focus on both setup and marketing and be content developed with skill and confidence knowing exactly what targets to reach.

Ecommerce Websites deal with actual purchase transactions so you have to factor in payment gateways and cost can usually be higher the more products and details required for processing orders online. For example if shipping details and payments are done in 20 countries it is a different setup than a local single currency website.



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