Is Your Social Media Sorted?

There’s no specific timeframe on ‘success’ in social media, that can depend on a lot of different variables – whether that be the established reputation of your business, your social media budget or indeed the quality of your content.

As a rule of thumb, a presence on social isn’t something that you’ll get overnight. Barring the occasional viral sensation, an audience is something that will take time and dedication over a sustained period. How long that time is, well, we go back to those variables.

As far as getting your social ‘sorted’. That really depends on your definition of the word. If by ‘sorted’ you mean up and running then that’s fine. If you mean ‘sorted’ as in finished, done with – not a chance! Social media is something that requires a constant eye, whether that be keeping on trend with your campaigns or simply joining in with the relevant conversation.

Here at YOM we understand that a lot of business owners simply don’t have the time to invest fully into something so important as social media. That’s why we created our pick and mix packages which offer the flexibility for you to essentially choose how much social media marketing you want, when you want it. Make sure to check it out.

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