Do I Need More Followers?

Ah, one of the more prominent misconceptions of social media.

Virtually everybody who comes to us will have the pre-built idea that they need to build up a certain number of followers (or ‘likes’ on a Facebook page) in order for their campaign to have been successful.

Whilst not necessarily wrong – you will need some semblance of a following for your content to gain any traction (and ultimately get people clicking through to your site), it is more important to make sure that the following you do have is the correct one for your business. For example, it’s all well and good being a handbag company and amassing a following of 100,000 people, but what happens when 99% of that following have no interest in handbags? You get no engagement, no traction and most probably no sales.

Concentrate on building your audience with the correct users, ones who could go on to be advocates for your brand in the future.

That’s social media!

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