Are Facebook Ads a Waste?

Facebook Ads are by far the most complex and accurate way of reaching your target audience through a paid campaign. Using their ‘audience creator’ tool you can customise your way through a whole host of parameters, such as location, age, gender, marital status and even earnings.

This allows you to tailor your ad in such a way that the only people you pay to hit are the only people you WANT to hit.

The ‘lookalike audience’ tool also allows you to create a whole new audience based on the users who reacted to your previous ad campaigns. For example, if your ad was a video post, you can tailor your new lookalike audience to only consist of similar users to the ones who watched over 75% of your previous video, making the new audience more likely to also engage with the content.

That’s just one example of the many wonderful things that can be done using facebook ads. They definitely AREN’T a waste of time or money.

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