PPC vs. SEO: Rivals or Friends?

There are many comparisons and many arguments for and against the effectiveness between pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO positioning. Both marketing techniques have advantages and disadvantages, factors such as economy, effectiveness, visibility and speed are decisive when selecting which is more adapted to the needs of your company.


PPC usually has a higher conversion rate than SEO and PPC strategies are easier to create in the short term are equally more vulnerable to copies of the competition. Other advantages of the PPC include the ability to change the online marketing strategy immediately, allowing any strategist to make quick changes to suit the behaviour of their consumers. The ability to make such changes is an advantage in any market that presents seasonal demand.

SEO positioning is a more profitable strategy in the long run, since 80% of the public looking for information on the internet usually clicks on natural links leaving only 20% of traffic to AdWords advertising. However, any SEO strategy takes time and surely, it’s not profitable at the beginning.


Therefore, the most efficient option is to combine both disciplines, using the advantages of both techniques will strengthen your overall search performance. A good marketing strategy will aim to position your website by organic search, which takes time, while starting with immediate results from PPC that will allow you to experiment with various keywords to identify which get the best return on investment and include them in our SEO strategy. At the same time that we optimize our web content using SEO techniques we will create highly relevant pages for our ads, increasing the level of quality and profitability of the PPC campaign.

In addition, PPC can potentially pay for the costs of digital marketing (SEO, Social media, etc.) from the income earned by sales generated by PPC. Take money today whilst building future.

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