Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook to Introduce New “Dislike” Button

Facebook to Introduce New “Dislike” Button

It’s not here yet but a new button could be coming to your Facebook experience – the “dislike” button, or at least something similar to one. At the start of September 2015, Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook has begun working on something that he said will be intended to allow users to show “empathy”. In his own words, “not every moment is a good moment” and Zuckerburg wants to give Facebook users the opportunity to express more emotions than with the “like” button. The new feature is supposed to allow users “to express that they understand and that they relate to you”.

Exactly how the new “dislike” feature will work is not yet decided and the Facebook chief executive has made it clear that he does not want the new feature to make the social media platform like another version of Reddit, where users can vote posts up and down. The feature is unlikely to be in the format of a dislike button in the same way as the “like” button for this reason and Zuckerburg has commented that at the moment, they are not sure exactly what the new feature will be called if it is rolled out or what format it will take.

The new feature will be tested across a small group of users and if it is found to be successful, it will be rolled out for the remaining Facebook users. Don’t expect to see a “dislike” button appearing on your timeline next to posts any time soon – this update has only just been announced and needs to be finalised and tested before any progress will be seen across the whole user base of the social media network.

There has been some suggestion that the new “dislike” option might not work best in the form of a button or an action but that an emoji that you can select to show your empathy towards another user’s post based on different emotions might work well, similar to the way other platforms currently allow users to respond to member posts.

Facebook has undergone many updates, additions and transformations and it is a company that is always looking to evolve and to change with its users’ needs. The suggestion of adding a dislike button is something that many people have made on an increasing basis over the past few years and now Facebook is listening to that feedback and is experimenting with different ways to meet its users’ needs whilst staying true to its own core values.

What do you think of the possible dislike button addition? What would you add to Facebook to enhance the user’s ability to show a response to a post other than hitting the “like” button?