Euro 2016 In Social Hot Topics

Euro 2016 In Social: The Hot Topics

Euro 2016 In Social: The Hot Topics

The Daily Mirror have recently revealed that the entire England Euro 2016 team, and their partners, have had strict social media restrictions placed up them for the duration of the tournament. This has been put in place by security chiefs. The ban limit’s all the players and senior FA officials from posting either pictures or videos which have been taken whilst inside their high-security based in Chantilly.

Further limits have been placed on the family members of these individuals, who are not permitted to post details about the whereabouts or travel details of their loved ones for the duration of the tournament. The ban is extended across all social media platforms, including favourites Twitter and Facebook.

The ban was been put in place as FA chiefs are worried that any details revealed about the England team on social media could in fact undermine the tight security surrounding the players and accompanying staff. However, it is not all bad news for the England squad, coach Roy Hodgson has agreed that partners and family members can accompany the team to France. However, the time the players spend with their loved ones between matches will be under strict conditions. They will be banned from staying at the team hotel for the duration of the tournament.

The tightening of cyber security surrounding the team comes in the wake of fears of a terror attack. These fears have recently been given substance after the event was included in a list of target recently seized from jihadists.

A source close to the team revealed to the Daily Mirror, “The security guys are happy with how the planning has gone and are confident everything is in place. The one weak link is social media, so the players and their families are being told what they should and shouldn’t post. They don’t want locations or travel plans appearing for everyone to see on the internet. It’s not a blanket ban on social media usage, but there are definitely strict restrictions in place.”

British security teams, which allegedly includes members of the SAS, will be in place around England’s base throughout the tournament. Social media aside, most concern has arisen around the squads opening match against Russia, due to the nations of both teams having actively launched strikes on ISIL in Syria. Security is set to be extremely tight for the duration of the match, with undercover officers actually mingling with the supporters, both in the streets and at the match itself.