Effectiveness Paid Social Media Advertising

The Effectiveness Of Paid Social Media Advertising

The Effectiveness Of Paid Social Media Advertising

One of the biggest problems that faces many companies when it comes to social media is how to allocate their financial resources. The issue can be further complicated when companies see their competitors enjoying success but are unsure how this was accomplished. In order to help you ascertain how effective paid social media advertising will be for your brand, we have created this blog.

Most B2C Marketers Have Found That Paid Social Media Is Effective For Their Purposes:

During the Autumn of 2015 a survey was conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, in conjunction with MarketingProfs. The survey included 3,714 marketers in a diverse range of industries from around the world. Of this, only 263 were identified as B2C marketers and business owners- however these results remain insightful and instructive.

The results from this catchment demonstrated that 76% of those surveyed made use of promoted posts. Examples of these include Facebook’s boosted posts and Promoted posts on Twitter. Of this group, the survey revealed that 61% found paid social media advertising effective for their brand. This was demonstrated by the rating of either four or five they were rewarded by these companies on a five point scale.

The trend continued in the survey’s results when LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other ads were considered, in contrast to the more editorial-styled posts. It was reported that 59% of the survey’s respondents provided a rating of either 4 or 5 for these options on the same five point scale. In addition, 74% of those surveyed reporting utilising these paid advertising methods.

The above is part of a greater trend is shifting perception. To demonstrate between the closing quarter of 2014 and that of 2015 attitudes towards paid advertisement has changed. It was found during this period that the number of marketers who viewed both social posts and promoted posts as an effective measure had increased by 20% and 30% respectively for each measure.

Interestingly, during the same period, the perceived effectiveness of offline promotion, native advertising and online banner ads remained the same.

The results of the survey ranked the effectiveness of social media platform accordingly:

  1. Facebook- 66%
  2. YouTube- 53%
  3. Twitter- 50%
  4. Instagram- 42%
  5. LinkedIn- 39%
  6. Pinterest- 39%
  7. Google+- 22%

Perhaps the most revealing insight of the survey is how small the B2C sample group was, this strongly suggests that B2C is still lagging behind B2B when it comes to the adoption of a multi-facet social marketing strategy that deploys both promoted posts and social ads.