Resurrect Your SEO Campaign This Easter

Resurrect your SEO campaign this Easter!

Resurrect your SEO campaign

This month marks the start of Easter and in turn the end of lent, a time where sacrifices are traditionally put to rest and most people can go back to eating chocolate/crisps/wine free of guilt.

SEO however, is one area of the digital world that certainly can’t be given up on and left to one side at any point.

Here at Your Online Mechanic we’ve compiled a few little tips you can follow to ensure that there’ll be no last supper for your website any time soon.


  • Mobile optimisation


As you may know, most google searches in 2017 are done using a mobile device. This means that your site simply must be correctly optimised for it to even be usable on a phone.

You can check just how ‘mobile friendly’ your website is by using the free google tool: testmysitewithgoogle. This tool allows you to test various functionality features, most importantly mobile friendliness and mobile speed.


Below you can see the results taken from (eek!)

Resurrect SEO Campaign Nike Example


You can also request to be sent a free report which goes into more detail, or by scrolling down the page you can get a list of fixes directly requested from google. Perfect.

Resurrect SEO Campaign Free Google Tool Example



Google My Business is a crucial tool for businesses because it allows the user to verify and publish the address of the business. This obviously makes the process of finding your business online much easier for potential customers, as well as providing google with a key element of trust they require to push you up the rankings. Register your business and reap the rewards, it’s that simple.


Resurrect SEO Campaign Google My Business Online Mechanics

To read up more on Google My Business,

see our piece on it here.


  • Local SEO


With local SEO in mind, it’s important to take advantage of schema microformats. Essentially, schema is code that you put into your website in order to help search engines find you. A microformat are collections of the names, values and accompanying structures themselves. Many experts are arguing that any websites without microformats will be left behind in the years to come.

Schema is the product of a Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing collaboration, more of which you can read about here.


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