Do's and Dont's Social Media Business

Do’s & Don’ts on Social Media For Businesses

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, enabling them to reach an ever increasing number of new customers and to deepen their relationships with existing ones. This is contingent, however, on making sure that social media is used correctly. Collected beneath are a number of the most common mistakes to avoid as well as a number of strong tactics that your company should adopt for social media success.



Get to know your customers

To ensure social media success for your brand, you should tailor your content to your customers’ interests and not your own. Your customers are not interested in you, instead they are interested in what you can provide them. Therefore make sure that all of your content relates to them. Also, always, always, always, follow the 80/20 rule! Namely, that at least 80% of your content should be relevant and of interest to your customers, whilst just 20%, or less, is specifically about your brand, business, or service offering.

Customer Service

The strength of your social media customer service offering can make or break your presence on the platform. It makes sense, since happy customers are those who are most likely to return and subsequently develop brand loyalty. When done correctly, happy customers will not only become loyal, they will also become advocates and ambassadors for your brand, providing free word of mouth advertisement, which is simply priceless.




Like your own posts

It goes without saying that you like your own posts, for after all you posted them! Therefore you should avoid at all costs either a “like” or a “favourite” of your own posts. However, you should encourage your employees, on their personal accounts, to like and share the material which your brand posts. In many cases, your employees can be the strongest and biggest advocates of your brand on social media.

Don’t Spam

No one likes spam! This is regardless of the forum, just do not do it! This is because if you are constantly bombarding your audience with the same content over and over again you will become an annoyance to them and ultimately end up losing many of the followers you have worked so hard to gain.

Don’t Delete Negative Comments

Negative comments are not only a good way of demonstrating that your company cares, they are also an excellent means of converting unhappy customers into happy customers. Directly engaging with negative comments enables your brand to demonstrate its proactivity in resolving issues that your customers experience and that you actually care!