Connect with your audience without unique bespoke social packages


Connect with your audience without unique bespoke social packages

6 Months Marketing

6 Months Marketing

Target 5,000 New People

Target 5,000 New People

Daily Professional Tweets

Daily Professional Tweets

CJ Aerosols
CJ Aerosols
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Katerina Mina
Katerina Mina
Rodgers the Florists
Rodgers the Florists
ecommerce, seo, social-media-marketing


#TimeManagement – Putting your accounts in the hands of our experienced social team will allow you to focus on the many other tasks at hand, giving you one less business element to stress over and more time to look at other areas.

#Analysis – We will track all of your campaigns using sophisticated analytical software, which has been custom built for the management of social media platforms. That means we’ll be able to tell you exactly what is working and what isn’t when it comes to your campaigns.

#Success – We know what works – which means that we can grow your business.

#Customisation – We devise a custom social media strategy for each of our clients. That means what you’ll get is a set of tactics from us that are tailored to suit your business goals.

#ByTheMinute – We’ll keep your account fresh with new content on a regular basis, staying on top of all the latest online trends so you don’t have to.

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What our clients said...

"We put our faith in Your Online Mechanic and now two years later we have been able to discard nearly all paid advertising and our website is still generating even more orders."

"We have used Your Online Mechanic for nearly two years now; within this time we have found them to be friendly, helpful and informative. They've also have generated some business through our Twitter account which they currently manage. We would highly recommend Online Mechanic to other businesses."

"I doubted it at first, but this Twitter for Business package has really helped my business target a local audience and has increased my sales opportunities for my shop. Big thanks!"

"What a great package this Twitter for Business is! Affordable and a no brainer for any local business wanting to connect quickly with a local customer base. I'm really impressed!"

"I didn’t think that Twitter was a player for us as we already do really well through Facebook. We tried this package and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Your Online Mechanic showed us the potential, we would recommend everyone to try it."



Twitter is a social media platform designed to create, discover and share ideas between people. Twitter has substantial benefits for your business when it is used in the right way. More and more people use Twitter to reach out to businesses and become aware of industry insights. It is a great way to build your online brand awareness, build referral links, connecting and educating customers; and even, providing customer service and gaining vital feedback.
Twitter can reach a local audience and the engagement can be high. It is not a direct selling platform it is a sharing platform and so brand awareness is ideal for Twitter. Sharing industry insights, some experience and well placed content from your website or other channels can be used to help place your brand in sight of your audience regularly without issue. At a higher level you need a Twitter marketing brief which we do with each new Twitter client and this ensures that progress is made to both a larger audience and creative brand development.
Twitter can be used to search through current tweets to find locations, people and business to target. So for example you can search by location such as Manchester, then you can use the system to access specific local tweets to read through and follow. Once you have followed them, they may or may not follow you back, so you may need to follow a few to get a percentage to follow you. This is why our Twitter for Business is such a great package, as it comes down to time to be able to generate a decent follower database.
We have an Analytical Report Extra which you can “add on” to the basic Twitter package, and comes as standard with the Twitter Account Engagement package “add on”.
Yes you can pay to promote certain tweets and there are also paid elements on the platform called Twitter Ads. These are not something that we include as part of the Twitter Package, however, we are happy to advise not his should you wish to pursue this yourself.

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