20 Years SEO Experience

20 Years SEO Experience

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Evidence Based Strategies

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to the process and work involved in improving the visibility of a website on the various search engines.

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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and is the work that is undertaken to increase the organic visibility of your website in search engines. By increasing the visibility of specific keywords that are relevant to your business, web traffic is generated to your website and this can lead to an action such as an enquiry or a sale.
This is one of the most debated topics on the internet. Due to the popularity and power of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, everyone knows that by being visible on the search engines, or more specifically being on the first page for a business driving keyword provides valuable visitors to your website.

The issue is not understanding SEO, but understanding that people interpret SEO differently, many still believe SEO is ‘hit and hope’ and that is due to the fact that the search engines themselves do not provide information on how to achieve better results, other than some basic best practices. Search engines do not make money directly from organic result listings, their business model is made up mainly of paid adverts which sit at the side of organic results, and thus they would undermine their own revenue if they provided the “how to” of their engine.

This then leaves SEO up to interpretation, because the fact is other than the search engines nobody actually knows, and thus SEO results rely upon the skills, knowledge and understanding of the SEO technicians which range from professional to inept, unfortunately there are so many agencies, companies and people who are simply following out of date rules or only part of the work required, and thus many companies end up moving from one bad SEO experience to another, wasting money and time.

So now to answer the question, to understand how SEO actually works is to understand two main factors, search engines and search users.
As search has developed, search engines have had to categorise areas of search, as most people prefer local services, products in most search areas, of course this doesn’t apply to all people or business.

Local SEO is the ability to focus optimisation work locally this includes similar work to any national SEO campaign but also some specific focus on local search results.

Over 35% of search is local and therefore it is important to compete for local traffic which drives business forward, if you need more information on specific strategies please click here.
Link protection is work that is sometimes called a link audit or detox. This is a process of checking inbound links to the website and determining the value or credibility of those links. Links can have high relevance or credibility, others have lower levels or nominal value and some are called bad links which have different levels of toxicity, the more toxic a link the worse for the website rankings. As anyone can link to any webpage at any time it is important not only to identify links that could harm your progress in the search engines but also to ensure that measures are in place to guard your business from potential toxic or harmful links.
If you mean paid marketing versus organic marketing, then the effectiveness of results depends on understanding how your customer buys your services and products as opposed to any individual medium.

This should be dictated by your clients and not by any digital service provider.

Paid search has a place in any strategy, as does organic search. Some business models do better with PPC than SEO and some do better with SEO, however most of the best success stories we have developed have come from a tailored blend of both and for this you need Digital Intelligence leading the different tactics of Search Engine Marketing.

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What our clients said...

"Online Mechanics took over our SEO work in 2013....Since they took over, the team have revolutionised our online and digital presence by a margin of over 300%, such that online enquiries now account for a much larger percentage of our incoming work, than before they took over."

"We were invited to attend a seminar on Google and social media and met the team from Your Online Mechanic. We put our faith in them and now two years later we have been able to discard nearly all paid advertising and our website is still generating even more orders."

"Despite the terrible position our website was in after our previous ‘online partner’ had broken all the Google rules and boundaries with regards our online marketing, the team at Your Online Mechanic have worked tirelessly to repair and ‘fix’ our reputation and Google trust."

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