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Smart Revenue Boost

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Speed Marketing

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Cost Effective Marketing

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Anywhere, Any Platform Advertising

CJ Aerosols
CJ Aerosols
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Compatible SFP
Compatible SFP
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Rodgers the Florists
Rodgers the Florists
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1.Search Marketing: In order to drive targeted traffic through to your website, we set up and manage your Google Adwords account so that we maximise results from your spend. We also offer a free PPC Audit service to ensure your getting the most out of any existing campaign.

2.Display Marketing: Google’s Display Network reaches strategic targeting; this can promote your business to people before and when they buy.

3.Remarketing: Strategic advertisements that follow users who have already visited your website and either did not engage or buy. Remarketing simply tags users and allows you to ensure you can reconnect with appropriate offers and get another opportunity to sell your products!

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Paid Search – our fast targeting services to maximise results from your spend. Try our Free PPC Audit service.
Find out about adding benefit to your campaigns with our strategic targeting extra’s

What our clients said...

"When launching a new B2B e-commerce brand, we required a mix of digital marketing expertise which the Your Online Mechanic team provided bucket loads of. Although our journey is on-going, through using YOM’s social media engagement and content marketing services, we are seeing our organic visitor numbers grow to a level where in the future we aim to reduce our reliance on PPC."

"We really value Your Online Mechanic’s commitment to driving our business revenues forward."

"I would like to thank the team at Your Online Mechanic for helping me get the best out of my business. They are a wonderful, friendly and supportive bunch who really know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing, website development and Google."



Paid Search is a term used to define the paid advertising on search engines or partner sites. It also infers the type of payment system commonly used on these platforms, which is paid either when your advert appears, which is called an impression, or when your advert is interacted with, which is usually called a click through.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation addresses the organic listings on search engines and paid search deals with paid listings on search engines and/or partner sites. Organic listings generate around 70%+ of all click throughs whereas paid listings generate around 30% of all click throughs. Search engines generate around 70%+ of their income through paid advertising revenues.
If you mean paid marketing versus organic marketing, then the effectiveness of results depends on understanding how your customer buys your services and products as opposed to any individual medium.

This should be dictated by your clients and not by any digital service provider.

Paid search has a place in any strategy, as does organic search. Some business models do better with PPC than SEO and some do better with SEO, however most of the best success stories we have developed have come from a tailored blend of both and for this you need Digital Intelligence leading the different tactics of Search Engine Marketing.
We could advise many things! Avoid doing it yourself unless you are skilled, trained and qualified. Google does offer support, but remember they are the advertising platform so if you have £500 to spend they will take that and help you, however a trained person with your business interests at heart may be more focussed on efficiencies in improving conversion acquisition as opposed to simply spending budget and having great visibility!

One other caution is to ensure that if you have an existing Paid Search campaign, to obtain a full audit prior to starting to optimise results – this can make a big difference to your conversion rates and ROI.

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