Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

2016 looks set to be yet another strong year for digital marketing. In order to help you take advantage of this increasingly profitable avenue we have taken a closer look at some of the most researched marketing trends for the coming year.

Content: Educational content looks set to continue in prominence for the coming year. This is due to the central role that content, whether visual or written, plays in inbound marketing. The position can be attributed to the fact that good quality, informative content helps brands establish their position as industry thought leaders, whilst building trust with customers. This is not a new trend for 2016, however, but a continuation of an existing one. Last year the Content Marketing Institute conducted a survey of B2B businesses and found that 88% made use of content.

The Internet of Things: If current marketing trends are set to continue, 2016 will bear witness to 28% of people adopting one or more forms of wearable technology. This increase in customer data is great for both brands and marketers alike. As this area increases, so too will the ways in which this tool can be utilised by companies in order to better engage with their customers.

You must opt into mobile: Last year was a key year for the continued rise in mobile. The first is the number of countries where mobile traffic was actually reported by Google to have over taken desktop traffic. The search engine found that this had occurred in 10 different countries, among these was Japan and the US. Additionally, Google have released the “Mobilegddeon” algorithm. This is essentially a move to phase out sites that have not been optimised for mobile access- this is bad news for companies who have not optimised their websites for mobile. These two factors combined show that desktop traffic is beginning to fade away, and in order to increase the competitive edge of your company mobile-focused online marketing is key.

Video: The internet has recently seen a colossal rise in the volume of video content. Evidence of this can be found in every single online internet avenue, as a result video has become one of the most used and most popular of the various online mediums. This trend does look like it will stop anytime soon, predictions widely believe that by 2017 video will account for 74% of all internet traffic.