Digital Marketing For Your Business

Digital Marketing For Your Business: Use An Agency Or Do It In-House?

Digital marketing has never been more important and its impact on a business has never been so severe – it can be the factor that either makes or breaks a business. However, due to the importance of this aspect of your marketing and promotion activities, should the job be done in-house, or outsourced to a dedicated agency?

Digital Marketing Is About Quality And Not Quantity:

Many business owners hire someone to work in-house for them on the belief of quantity. To demonstrate, if they utilise the same resources as the cost of an agency to hire a dedicated staff member they will gain a whole working week worth of digital marketing hours. However, digital marketing is multi-faceted and a single individual is likely to have knowledge, experience and expertise that cover all bases.

When it comes to an agency, on the other hand, there is not one individual working on your digital marketing strategy- there is a full team. This team works together combing all the required talents in order to shape, develop and implement a strategy that is most applicable for the requirements of your business. With a team working on your business, problem solving is accomplished much quicker than when undertaken by an individual who is spread over all areas.

Justify The Investment Of Doing It In-House:

Simply put, it is incredibly challenging to hire an individual who will be successfully able to fulfil and undertake all of the digital marketing requirements of your business. The task is made even harder by the fact that the majority of business owners do not have sufficient knowledge in the field in order to ascertain the true value of their latest hiring, until result either materialise or they do not.

Hiring one individual may be tempting, but it is important that this investment is justified. In that, by hiring one individual they suddenly become responsible for not only driving the campaign creatively, analysing the data that has been collated, providing the writing skills in order to create all required copy (this includes not just blog content, but also outreach content, SEO content, social content and web content.) and most importantly to then deliver results.

As an alternative, companies can hire the services of a dedicated online marketing agency that has all of this experience and expertise already and knows how best to target it for your business in order to gain results.