Content Audit Your Online Mechanic

Content Auditing: Serious Business

With so much content being created by companies for on and offline communications, it is easy to get caught up in content production, without a great deal of consideration to its relevance or impact. Conducting a content audit is a great way to ensure your brand message is clear and consistent across the many channels you already produce content for.

Why conduct a content audit?

Without regular content audits, the information your company publishes and promotes can cause you embarrassing slip ups and potentially leave a negative impression of your brand. Take the instance of Donald Trump tweeting: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe.’ The tweet was seen by millions of users, and mocked by many too! Arguably not the President’s most controversial tweet, but still left him and his press team looking inefficient by leaving it online overnight, before it was deleted at 6am the next morning.

Time Consuming…

Whilst conducting a content audit is a time-consuming task, conducting a content audit is important for several reasons. It will give you an overview of the content that’s being produced across your business, giving you the opportunity to assess the accuracy and consistency of what’s being published. You should consider whether the content fits within brand guidelines and is created in line with the company tone of voice. It’s also an opportunity to spot whether the systems and tools being used to create the content are capable of producing what is required, or whether they need to be reviewed and potentially replaced.

Content Strategy

A content audit will also help you to evaluate if your content strategy is aligned with the strategic goals of your business. Question whether the content you promote will be engaging, and interesting to your target audience. Does it offer the reader or viewer something different than your competitors? Are your calls-to-action clear, so that the person who has engaged with your content then takes the action you wanted them to? With regards to your digital content, your audit should assess whether all meta-tags have been used to best practice and whether the media is optimised for maximum SEO results. A content audit can also be used as a way to bring together all the people or departments responsible for generating content for your business, to bring them back together, communicating internally.

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