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How To Capitalise On Your Huge Mobile Audience

How To Capitalise On Your Huge Mobile Audience

Mobile devices have come a long way over the last decade. This phenomenon has given digital marketers a whole new arsenal for connecting meaningfully with their audience. The key to success is knowing how to capitalise on this new mobile audience.

Where numerous brands fall short is in their failure to make their mobile content appealing, actionable and specifically directed to the nuances of this market.

First we shall explore the specific psychology of mobile content.

Mobile Audience State Of Mind:

In order to truly capitalise on your mobile audience and develop the level of conversion you desire it is imperative to treat these users as a separate audience. As such, you need to understand the key differences in mentality between mobile and desktop.

Core to this accomplishment is the creation of a seamless user experience. To do this, you need to eliminate all and any obstacles that could prevent the successful commencement of a conversion with your audience. In order to achieve this goal, we can offer the following hints:

  • Use The Correct Font Size: This sounds basic, but it is by far one of the biggest concepts for successful mobile integration. You need to ensure that the font size you utilise is just right, if it is too small it will be unreadable, whilst if it is too large it will be frustrating and make your brand look unprofessional. The best way of ensuring your font sizes are correct is to implement a responsive web design. This will ensure a seamless user experience irrespective of the user’s screen size.
  • Remove All Distractions: When it comes to marketing in the realm of mobile, less is certainly more. Make your content simple to ensure the best conversions – do not overwhelm your users. Therefore, you should identify the action you want from your users and focus purely on it. Then make the process to this goal as simple as possible for your audience – no needless links or excessive images.
  • Deploy Pop-ups: Pop-ups are a good tool to drive conversions. However, like all marketing techniques you need to be smart and avoid annoying your audience. Here are a few core techniques to deploy:
    • Make your offers very simple.
    • Make sure that you only display the most relevant offers ad content to your audience.
    • Ensure that you perform slit testing. This will help to quantify your most successful pop-ups.
    • Before displaying a pop-up, make sure you give your users a period of time to catch their breath- five to ten seconds is usually adequate. Alternatively, make use of scroll-based pop-up trigger.