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“Digital Intelligence” is a term that has different meanings depending on who you ask – you might get a different interpretation from an SEO expert to the interpretation of a Social Media expert.

At Your Online Mechanic, we take a 360 degree view of digital intelligence, which is ultimately concerned with how to increase business conversions. Increasing business conversions could be from traffic generation, enquiries or sales and how these individual aspects of digital marketing are achieved.

Digital intelligence is also concerned with maintaining and developing your business online, from the server that you use, to your website design, functionality and maintenance, your digital campaigns and supporting assets such as content and images.

Not all traffic to your website is equal – you might generate more sales from a specific traffic source than others. It is important to consider traffic volume and source on a deeper level and to understand web behaviour to develop accurate insights about those aspects of the website that attract customers and those aspects of the website that are not working as intended or are confusing for people using the site. Keywords that are effectively driving business to your website need to be identified and those which need further support to build business should be highlighted, which will contribute towards a more robust digital strategy.

For many businesses, sales and enquiries can be increased though improving the user experience of your website, making the process easy and enjoyable from when the user lands on your site to when they place an order or fill out a contact form. To achieve a meaningful user experience of your website requires a combination of website best practices and audience understanding. It is an important part of your digital marketing strategy and connects everything together, providing valuable metrics for reporting and analysing.

Work includes Conversion Ratio Optimisation (CRO), Data Analysis, Keyword research & development work, website security and internal link structures, along with hosting, email and e-commerce integration. We are happy to provide specific tests or ecommerce security testing for those clients that require this service. Our digital awareness covers many elements often considered to be outside of the standard activities of digital marketing that are an integral part of your online business.

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Digital Intelligence turns a strategy into money. It takes the evidence and guides the marketing activities towards the right targets and so it acts as the brain of your Digital Marketing.

Increasing business from within an existing volume of web traffic requires improving user experience and this relies upon the right data.

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Increased Client Enquiries 39,852

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Digital Intelligence work covers every aspect of the strategy from understanding how to build a brand, the tone and style of a business, how specific audiences interact and  what are their expectations , which is all geared around improving user experience. Instead of focusing on building a website,  digital intelligence focuses on building the digital business.

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